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Registration round 1 opens 1 February, 2019 and registration round 2 opens 1 April, 2019.

  • Speaking with Confidence

    The Speaking with Confidence program is designed to assist you in developing your speaking skills for academic and cross-cultural contexts. There are six modules organised as: (1) pronunciation workshops to help your intelligibility when communicating, (2) participation & group work workshops to help you during university tutorials and assignments, and (3) public speaking skills workshops to help you learn to prepare and deliver effective presentations.

  • Your Facilitators

    The Speaking with Confidence facilitators are highly trained students with exceptional skills in spoken English, non-verbal communication and public speaking skills. See our Speaking with Confidence facilitators whom you can meet during the workshops.

  • M1: Foundations of English pronunciation

    This workshop focuses on English pronunciation. You will learn strategies to improve your intelligibility, and practice intonation and rhythm in English.

  • M2: Australian English

    This workshop focuses on some features of the Australian English. You will get acquainted with different varieties of the Australian English and practice listening to the most relevant Aussie sounds.

  • M3: Participating in discussions in cross-cultural settings

    This workshop focuses on how communication styles vary across cultures. You will learn language expressions to engage in discussions in Australian universities, as well as strategies to maximise your opportunities to participate in class effectively.

  • M4: Group work & collaboration in cross-cultural settings

    This workshop focuses on group work and how it varies across cultures. You will learn what group work means in different settings, as well as the shared language that allow group work to happen.

  • M5: Presenting yourself

    This workshop focuses on self-presentation and identity. You will learn how to make a good first impression, to talk about dress codes for different situations, and to boost your confidence when talking to people in more formal situations.

  • M6: Public speaking

    This workshop focuses on public speaking strategies. You will learn how to project your voice and to create speeches for presentations and public speaking events.