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The Protein Production Unit has the capacity to express and purify large numbers of recombinant proteins for a variety of research purposes in a high-throughput manner. Our platform offers expertise in optimising the expression and purification of recombinant proteins (E.coli, yeast, insect cell and mammalian).

Specialist services

Automated high-throughput protein purification

Our automated protein purification system can purify up to 48 individual proteins at any one time. The scheme can be set at a variety of temperatures depending on the sensitivity of the proteins involved.

Custom purification of general research tools

We specialise in the purification of individual proteins to be used as general research tools. Many of these proteins have an established purification protocol and so, we use commercially available chromatography resins. With these protocols we are able to automate the procedure and generate up to 100mg of protein on request.

Purification protocol development

We can develop purification protocol for a specific protein using our AKTA avant unit as a scouting tool. The procedures developed using this unit can be directly translated to a more traditional FPLC process or for larger scale industrial processes.

Protein expression optimisation

Using our liquid handling robot, up to 96 individual expression conditions can be analysed in a high-throughput manner. This allows for the effects of the expression media, time, temperature and solubility tags on the levels of recombinant soluble protein to be analysed.

Refolding screens/thermal melt analysis

Using customised buffer conditions, we are able to investigate the effect different buffers, inhibitors and pH conditions can have on the stability of a particular recombinant protein. Customised refolding trays allow us to optimise the refolding conditions for a particular protein to be established.

Antibody purification

We can purify antibodies from hybridoma cell lines.


Our experience allows us to develop novel purification protocols with tagged and non-tagged proteins. We have extensive experience in refolding and characterising proteins from inclusion bodies. We are capable of producing proteins for all research and development needs.

Download Protein Production Unit flyer [PDF]

Working with us

  • Consultancies 

    Our platforms are full of experts able to help you determine your research needs. Schedule a one-on-one discussion – consults are available to all Monash students and staff and other organisations. 

  • Fee for service

    Want to understand the costs associated with our services and equipment usage? Contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quote.

  • Collaborative research

    Our platforms are run by highly qualified and sometimes world renowned researchers. They can provide intellectual input into your project to ensure your research is at the cutting edge. Please get in touch, we are here to discuss how we can establish a strategic collaboration and steer you in the right direction.

Key instrumentation

■ AKTA Express units (12 units)

■ Liquid handling robot: Tecan Evo

■ RT-PCR machine

■ AKTA Avant

■ Bacterial, yeast and insect/mammalian suspension growth facilities



  • Professor Mark Sleeman


  • Dr Noelene Quinsey  

    Process Development Manager

  • Dr Per Hansen

    Manager Antibody & Protein Therapeutics