Travel solutions

As a world-class institution, we continue to pursue the growth of a global and local presence, and seek opportunities to lift the quality of the campus experience for all our students, staff and guests.

A key principle of this ambition is improving campus access across all modes by which people choose to travel – whether this is by public transport, car, cycling or on foot. We believe that transportation and campus access for our community should be sustainable, easily accessible, reliable, affordable, convenient and secure.

We’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of travelling to our campuses, and the effects that the daily commute has on local congestion, urban infrastructure and the environment. To achieve this, we’ve developed a future access strategy to address our short-term transport demands, and to establish sustainable, smart solutions that will secure capacity for the long term.

This strategy takes a collaborative and holistic view of the University’s sustainable transport network in its entirety, including public transport, active transport, driving and rideshare. It’s the guiding framework that supports our ambition to provide high-quality and sustainable ways to get you to and from campus.