Monash offers a range of mentoring opportunities.

Mentoring is where someone more skilled or experienced offers advice, support, and guidance to a more junior or less experienced person. The mentor helps the mentee learn and develop. Many successful people have had mentors assist them along the way.

Mentees benefit by:

  • developing new skills
  • identifying areas for professional growth
  • planning their career more strategically
  • gaining or increasing knowledge of organisational culture, structure and processes
  • developing new networks and contacts
  • finding new ways to approach old problems
  • increasing their confidence
  • increasing their job satisfaction
  • enhancing their career opportunities.

Mentors benefit by:

  • developing skills in coaching, modelling, and listening
  • recognising their professional abilities and enhancing self-esteem
  • increasing organisational knowledge, especially from the viewpoint of the mentee
  • developing and demonstrating management skills
  • enhancing leadership skills
  • gaining a sense of satisfaction in assisting a junior colleague to develop
  • increasing their job satisfaction
  • enhancing their interpersonal skills.

Staff mentoring programs

Mentoring program for women

Open to both academic and professional female staff, the six-month Mentoring program for women aims to increase access to the learning and developmental opportunities.

Indigenous staff mentoring program

The Indigenous staff mentoring program aims to provide Indigenous staff with access to the learning and developmental opportunities provided by a mentoring relationship. Each successful mentor will be matched with an Indigenous staff member for a period of nine months.