About leadership at Monash

At Monash, we're committed to developing your ability to lead. We know that not everyone wants to be a CEO, but almost everyone will be a leader at some point in their life – at university, at work, in the community, on the sporting field, or as a volunteer.

'Leadership' has become a buzzword. We want to reunite it with its real meaning. We want to show you how to inspire others, create change, think strategically, manage and mentor, make difficult decisions, and captivate an audience.

Students as leaders

Whether you consider yourself a natural leader or a reluctant one, leadership comprises a set of abilities that can be learnt. Our programs and opportunities will give you an edge in your life and career.

There are programs for students who clearly have exceptional leadership skills. Our flagship leadership program – Ancora Imparo – takes passionate and idealistic students and turns them into leaders.

Other programs are open to all students. And each faculty has its own leadership programs.

You can also choose to be mentored, either by an alumni or a peer.

Staff as leaders

Our academic staff are already intellectual leaders. But we also have numerous programs to help them master universal leadership skills.

We have several courses for staff, both professional and academic, who are new to leadership. If you think a mentor would help, we can organise that for you.

As staff are promoted and their skills evolve, so do our offerings. We have courses specifically for women in leadership, for new academic heads, and for people who are leading others through change. We also provide one-on-one professional coaching.

Alumni as leaders

Our alumni remain part of the Monash family, so our leadership support continues.

The John Bertrand Leadership Series brings together some of Australia's finest leaders from the world of politics, commerce, science, the military and sport with invited participants from our alumni community.

Mentoring a current student enhances your own leadership skills and can help you assess your own career – and, of course, it's extremely beneficial for the student. Networking with other alumni is a great way to transfer expertise and leadership  skills at a professional level.

We strive to produce leaders. From Professor Tim Flannery's tenacious leadership of the Climate Council, to Tim Costello's tireless efforts for World Vision Australia, to Mick Dodson's indispensable advocacy for Indigenous Australians, we consider our illustrious alumni excellent role models.