Arts Peer Mentoring

We want every student to feel welcome and supported at Monash right from the start. That’s why we’re matching every first-year student with a peer mentor from the Faculty of Arts to ease their transition to university life and help them build friendships.

Mentoring will take place across the semester with four main sessions:

  1. Welcome and connect
  2. You and our University
  3. You and your study success
  4. You and your assessments

Beyond this, mentors will check in and offer support at various times. Throughout the program, there will be social events and professional development opportunities for both mentors and mentees to attend.

Become a peer mentor and help guide new students from your faculty as they transition to university and settle into Monash.

As a mentor, you’ll share your knowledge and answer questions about adjusting to life at Monash, while gaining important employability skills and opportunities to participate in career development events. You’ll also be able to network with other like-minded student leaders in the program and make a positive impact on others.

Being a peer mentor in this program, you'll receive priority access to professional development opportunities such as the Alumni to Student mentoring program.

We’re seeking mentors who:

  • Have a desire to help new students get started and succeed at Monash;
  • Are willing to talk about their own university experience;
  • Display strong interpersonal and communication skills; and
  • Have the ability to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be enrolled as a student at an Australian campus for Semester one, 2022 (part-time or full-time study load)
  • A current undergraduate student within Arts, or have recently completed undergraduate study in Arts
  • Be in your second year of study or above
  • Be able to commit to supporting up to 10 commencing students through personal interactions
  • Be able to commit at least 20 hours volunteering throughout the program

To apply:

  • As a new peer mentor, submit a written application through the new mentor applications button.
  • As a current peer mentor applying for either a mentor or senior mentor position, submit a written application through the returning mentor applications button.

Once you've applied, we'll be in touch to let you know the outcome of your application.

Position description

Arts Mentor  (pdf, 0.66 mb)

Arts Senior Mentor  (pdf, 0.66 mb)

As a new student, you’ll be grouped with other first-year students to receive mentoring support from a peer mentor in your first year.

Your mentor will be an experienced student from your faculty who can share knowledge and answer your questions about university life. They can show you where to find programs, resources and services at Monash, so you can have an enjoyable and successful first year.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a first-year undergraduate student

Once the semester starts, your peer mentor will be in touch.

Mentor testimonials

"Even the smallest impact can make a difference to someone else's life. This motivates me to continue mentoring new first-year students, share my experience and perspectives while I hear about their life stories. I've also grown as a mentor, learnt how to work more independently, expanded my networks, and developed my teamwork skills."

Emily Lei, Bachelor of Business and Arts

Starting university was a bit overwhelming at first. From endless elective choices to huge assignments, so many things were different and new. Being a Peer in first year helped smooth the transition to university life as there was always someone to help answer some of the questions I had.

- Nilu

Transitioning from high school to university life was daunting for me at first but joining the PAL program made this an exciting and enjoyable experience. In particular, the exam tips workshops have allowed me to adjust to the requirements of university assessment and the social events have helped me form many great friendships.

- Nathaniel

Arts PAL was a really important part of my transition into Monash. Making robust social connections wherever I go is a priority for me, and I think I'd stand to learn as much from any mentees as they would learn from me. I feel well-acquainted with the libraries and other important locations on campus, and I've got the patience to explain the ins and outs to disoriented newcomers.

- Victor

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Important Dates

Mentor applications openMonday 2 August 
Mentor applications closeFriday 22 October
Mentee invitationsFebruary 2022
Program commencesFebruary 2022

Program Contact

Mentoring at Monash

Arts Peer Mentoring

Length: 6 months

Program type: Peer to Peer

Location: Clayton; Caulfield

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