Compass Undergraduate Research Network

Compass is a peer-to-peer mentoring program, facilitated by the Centre for Undergraduate Research Initiatives and Excellence (CURIE). Bringing together undergraduate students across Monash, this program provides students the opportunity to give and receive feedback on individual research activities.

The program offers a safe and supportive environment for you to workshop your research. Each Compass group includes no more than five undergraduate mentees from a range of disciplines, and is facilitated by a mentor experienced in undergraduate research. Groups will meet weekly throughout the semester.

This program is open to Monash Australia and Monash Malaysia students, and is delivered both on-campus and online. Students have the opportunity to participate in this program in either or both semesters (12 weeks in Semester one; 10 weeks in Semester two).

Benefits for mentors:

  • Develop leadership, research and communication skills
  • Join and interdisciplinary network of high-achieving Monash undergraduates
  • Gain exclusive opportunities to participate in undergraduate research events
  • Deliver group mentoring experience
  • Make friends!

To be a mentor, you will need to have:

  • Prior involvement in at least one CURIE program
  • Availability for at least one semester
  • An outstanding academic record
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • The ability to facilitate group work

Benefits for mentees:

  • Join an interdisciplinary network of high-achieving undergraduates
  • Learn to receive and provide constructive academic feedback to your peers
  • Receive exclusive opportunities to participate in undergraduate research events
  • Take part in a structured but flexible mentoring experience (up to six peers)
  • Expand your networks

To be a mentee, you need to be:

  • An undergraduate student
  • Studying at Monash Australia or Monash Malaysia

Mentor testimonials

"This is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary community of budding Monash undergraduate researchers with a shared passion for learning, networking and developing ideas. We hail from multiple disciplines across the university, spanning urban development, cultural linguistics, ancient world, and environmental studies.

As a team, we collectively workshop our research through discussion and brainstorming. Compass provides a means to actively develop the technical as well as social skills important for our future careers in academia. Through Compass, we've created lasting friendships to cherish throughout our studies."

- Darcy Whitworth, 2018

"My mentees were motivated to join Compass for a wide variety of reasons, including wanting to understand the research process in greater detail, explore topics and ideas outside of their degree structures, and push their own scholarly limits. More than simply wanting support in the weeks leading up to ICUR abstract submission, my mentees were seeking a space to grow their academic skill set, network, and connect with other like-minded undergraduates."

- Claire Brace, 2018

Mentee testimonials

"As a mentee, I thoroughly enjoyed the Compass mentoring program. I decided to participate because I hoped to present at the International Conference of the Undergraduate Research (ICUR), and needed help with writing an abstract, narrowing my topic, and presenting to an interdisciplinary audience.

I gained more than I anticipated. I became part of a community of students who shared a passion for research and for making the world a better place. I felt camaraderie as I shared in my peers' journeys and witnessed their research evolve from an idea to a presentation. I gained important friendships which supported me in my growth as a researcher through their insights and feedback. I learnt how to be a critical friend myself.

I'm grateful for the encouraging and nurturing space my Compass group provided. Without them I may not have crafted my research presentation to be aptly inclusive and scholarly as it was, nor be awarded the Best Spoken Presentation of the year."

- Miguel Regalo, 2019


Tuition fees for this program are waived by the host institution. While on exchange you remain enrolled at Monash and continue to pay fees to Monash University. Find out more here.

Cost of living

One semester abroad will generally cost you approximately AUD$10,000 – $15,000, however this varies depending on destination and your individual living standards.

Monash funding

Find out about Monash Abroad Travel Scholarships here.

Find out about Monash University Travel and Placement Scholarships here.

Australian government funding

Find out about the Overseas Higher Education Loan Program (OS-HELP) here.

Testimonial: Trinity Woodman and Cheryl Batagol

Trinity Woodman was in her final year studying the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science, Economics and Applied Mathematics when she joined the Betty Amsden AO Alumni Mentoring Program. She wanted a mentor who could support her in deciding what career path would suit her passions and interests when she graduated. She was matched with Cheryl Batagol, who is the Chair of the Environment Protection Authority for Victoria and was keen to provide a helping hand to others and give back to the community.

Trinity and Cheryl met every few weeks and had an immediate connection. At their first mentoring session, Cheryl helped Trinity formulate three goals for the year:

  • To connect with industries and understand their similarities, differences and her interests in each.
  • To develop a 5-year career plan.
  • To get a job.

During the program, Trinity and Cheryl discussed Trinity's interests, potential career paths, decision making, work-life balance, management and interview techniques. Cheryl introduced Trinity to her contacts in different industries who were happy to talk to Trinity about their organisation, its values, culture and where she could fit in. Cheryl recognised Trinity had strong leadership potential and helped her confidence grow.

"I see Trinity as an outstanding leader though she does not necessarily recognise this. I wanted to her to see that leadership is not a position in an organisation, rather it is achieved through developing capabilities and exercising those capabilities every day in every situation," Cheryl said.

With Cheryl's help, Trinity successfully secured a position in the Victorian Public Service's Graduate Program, where she will be an analyst in the Department of Treasury and Finance. Trinity sees this as a good fit for her and she is looking forward to her future there.

"I now see work in the perspective of achieving an ultimate purpose rather than as a career path for achieving a salary. Through developing my skills, networks, and capabilities I hope to eventually change something big for the better," Trinity said.

Important Dates

Mentor applications open Thursday 11 June
Mentor applications close Monday 6 July                          
Mentee applications openThursday 11 June
Mentee applications close Wednesday 22 July
Program commencesMonday 3 August

Program Contact

Dr Kirra Minton
Deputy Director
Centre for Undergraduate Research Initiatives and Excellence (CURIE)
29 Ancora Imparo Way
Clayton campus

T: +61 3 9905 3257

Compass Undergraduate Research Network

Length: 12 weeks

Program type: Peer Mentoring

Location: Clayton; Online