Women's Mentoring

At Monash, our focus on gender equity and inclusivity has been fundamental to our organisational strategy for more than three decades. We believe equity makes us better as a University and stronger as a community.

We strive to foster a culture that is inclusive, where women participate equally at all levels in our pursuit of excellence.

The flagship gender equity initiative was introduced in 2000 and supports the career progression and development of female professional and academic staff. It matches talented Monash women with a more senior staff member to grow their leadership capabilities, reflect on and build professional skills, more effectively navigate Monash, and enhance their potential for career progression. Mentors of any gender are encouraged to participate.

This program is proudly delivered by Staff Equity and Diversity as part of a broad suite of gender equity initiatives.

Eligibility to participate as a mentor:

  • any gender
  • employed at HEW 8 and above or Academic level C and above
  • in an ongoing appointment or a fixed-term employment contract
  • employed at one of the Australian locations of Monash University

Mentors are required to complete an Expression of Interest when the program opens outlining:

  • Details of employment at Monash and availability to attend an induction session
  • Areas of strength/areas in which they feel confident to mentor others
  • Their motivation for being a mentor

Anticipated benefits of program participation:

  • Developing skills in coaching, modelling and listening
  • Enhanced self-esteem through recognition of professional abilities
  • Increased networks and organisational knowledge
  • Developing and demonstrating management skills
  • Enhancing leadership skills
  • Gaining a sense of satisfaction in assisting a colleague to develop professionally
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Enhancing interpersonal skills

Eligibility to participate as a mentee:

  • a woman
  • employed at HEW 6 – 10 or Academic level A-E
  • in an ongoing appointment or a fixed-term employment contract
  • employed at one of the Australian locations of Monash University
  • have supervisor’s support to participate in the program

Mentees are required to complete an application form when the program opens outlining:

  • Details of their employment at Monash
  • Confirmation of supervisor support
  • Availability to attend an induction session
  • Their mentoring goals and important mentor characteristics
  • What they hope to achieve from the program

Anticipated benefits of program participation:

  • Developing new skills and knowledge
  • Identifying areas for professional growth and developing strategies to accomplish these
  • Improved understanding of how Monash University operates
  • Greater access to new networks and contacts
  • Increased confidence in abilities
  • Greater effectiveness in current role
  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Enhanced enthusiasm for work and improved job satisfaction

Limited places are available in the program, requiring a selection process. The selection panel will aim for a balance of professional and academic staff, spanning diverse areas of the University and at different levels of seniority. It will also take into consideration the University’s strategic focus on supporting gender equality in areas where women have been historically under-represented.

The panel will assess mentee applications on:

  • Clarity of mentoring goals and developmental needs
  • Alignment between mentoring goals and expected outcomes
  • Clarity in articulating the anticipated benefits of program participation

Preference will be given to applicants who did not participate as mentees in the previous program round and have been employed at Monash for more than 12 months.

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Testimonial: Trinity Woodman and Cheryl Batagol

Trinity Woodman was in her final year studying the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Science, Economics and Applied Mathematics when she joined the Betty Amsden AO Alumni Mentoring Program. She wanted a mentor who could support her in deciding what career path would suit her passions and interests when she graduated. She was matched with Cheryl Batagol, who is the Chair of the Environment Protection Authority for Victoria and was keen to provide a helping hand to others and give back to the community.

Trinity and Cheryl met every few weeks and had an immediate connection. At their first mentoring session, Cheryl helped Trinity formulate three goals for the year:

  • To connect with industries and understand their similarities, differences and her interests in each.
  • To develop a 5-year career plan.
  • To get a job.

During the program, Trinity and Cheryl discussed Trinity's interests, potential career paths, decision making, work-life balance, management and interview techniques. Cheryl introduced Trinity to her contacts in different industries who were happy to talk to Trinity about their organisation, its values, culture and where she could fit in. Cheryl recognised Trinity had strong leadership potential and helped her confidence grow.

"I see Trinity as an outstanding leader though she does not necessarily recognise this. I wanted to her to see that leadership is not a position in an organisation, rather it is achieved through developing capabilities and exercising those capabilities every day in every situation," Cheryl said.

With Cheryl's help, Trinity successfully secured a position in the Victorian Public Service's Graduate Program, where she will be an analyst in the Department of Treasury and Finance. Trinity sees this as a good fit for her and she is looking forward to her future there.

"I now see work in the perspective of achieving an ultimate purpose rather than as a career path for achieving a salary. Through developing my skills, networks, and capabilities I hope to eventually change something big for the better," Trinity said.

Important Dates

Mentor applications open 2022
Mentor applications close 2022
Mentee applications open 2022
Mentee applications close 2022
Program commences 2022

Program Contact

Dr Lucie Joschko
Manager, Staff Equity and Diversity
Monash HR
T: +61 3 990 20246
E: gender-equity@monash.edu

Women's Mentoring

Length: 8 months

Program type: Staff to Staff

Location: All campuses