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Academic support

Learning skills advisers from the Library can help you improve your academic performance with:

Where: Building A, Levels 2 - 4
Tel: 9905 5054
Website: Language and Learning Online is a collection of resources.
They can help you develop academic writing, reading and listening skills.


For off-campus accommodation, contact Monash Connect.

Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)
Website:  Monash Residential - Off Campus Accommodation Services

Ally Network

The Ally Network at Monash takes a proactive stance against discrimination based on
sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status.

It promotes Monash as a safe space for individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ).

Contacts: Allies at Caulfield
Website: Ally Network

ATM locations

Commonwealth Bank

Where: Building S, Level 2

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Baby change facilities

There is a Parenting room located in Building S, Level 2, Room 2.33.

Where: Building S, Level 2
  Building K, Level 3
  Building A, Levels 1 and 2

Bike racks and cages

Contact The Workshop for information.

Where: Building J, Level 1
Tel: 9903 2525
Website: Cycling


The Campus Bookstore

Opening hours may vary throughout semester.

Where: Building K, Level 2
Tel: 9903 2147

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Career, leadership and volunteer opportunities

Career Connect is the trusted destination for career, leadership and volunteer opportunities
specific to your education and professional goals.

Where: Building B, Ground floor in Monash Connect
Tel: + 61 3 9905 3151


For information on Monash Chaplaincy services, visit the Chaplaincy website.


If you have a childcare enquiry, visit the Monash Childcare website.

Clubs and societies

MONSU Caulfield boasts over 40 clubs and societies who operate on campus.

Our variety of clubs and societies include academic, cultural, special interest and spiritual clubs.

Where: Building S, Level 2
Tel: 9903 2525
Website: MONSU clubs

Computer labs

See computer labs located at Caulfield campus and their opening hours.


A free and confidential counselling service is available for students and staff.
Drop in or call to make an appointment.

Group programs are also available in:

  • communication skills
  • exam preparation
  • relaxation techniques
  • stress management.
Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 9905 3020

Course advice

For course-related enquiries, contact your faculty course adviser or administration officer.

If you want to defer or change your units, or have questions about fees or ID cards,
visit or Monash Connect.

Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)

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Disability services

Disability Services offers academic support services to students with a:

  • disability
  • ongoing illness
  • medical condition.

Appointments with the disability services officer are necessary.

Tel: 9905 5704

Disability/rest room

For bookings and access, visit the Building S, Level 2 information desk.

Where: Building S, Level 2, Room 2.33

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Faculty offices

Your faculty can assist with course related enquiries.

Faculty of Art Design and Architecture
Where: Building D, Ground floor, Room D1.02
Faculty of Arts
Where: Building H, Level 5, Room H1.02
Faculty of Business and Economics
Where: Building N, Level 4
Faculty of Information Technology
Where: Building H, Level 6
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
  • Health Science: Building F, Level 4
  • Social Work: Building C, Level 4

Financial assistance

Monash Connect staff, will assist you with a variety of financial matters.

Ask them about budgeting, student loans (for study related purposes) and Centrelink benefits.

Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)

Food and beverages

For all food and drink outlets on campus, see food outlets.

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Health service

The on-campus Caulfield health service has female and male doctors available.
Appointments are preferable.

Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 9903 1177

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Indigenous student support

The William Cooper Institute provides Indigenous students with academic and general support.

Where: William Cooper Institute
Building 6, 29 Ancora Imparo Way, Clayton Campus
Tel: 03 9902 4972

Intercampus shuttle bus

See timetables for the intercampus shuttle buses.

International student support

Monash Connect offers a range of support, information, services and programs.

These will assist you with your international study experience.

Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 9902 6011

IT support

The eSolutions service desk, located in Monash Connect, can help you with:

  • on-campus computer technical issues
  • lost or forgotten passwords
  • Monash IT resources (Moodle)
  • wireless assistance.
Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 9903 2777

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Caulfield Library has a collection of resources online and in person, to support your studies.

Attend a learning skills class, borrow books and journals or use the library computers and study spaces.

Learning skills advisers provide discipline-specific academic support.

Where: Building A, Levels 2 - 4
Tel: 9905 5054


For information about lockers, contact The Workshop.

Where: Building S, Level 2
Tel: 9903 2525

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Monash Art Design and Architecture (MADA) Gallery

Exhibiting art and design of the highest standard with an emphasis on excellence
as a result of research, MADA Gallery is utilised as a teaching aid for the benefit
of the students and staff from the faculty along with the wider community.

Where: Building G, Ground Floor
Tel: 9903 2882
Website: MADA Gallery

Mindfulness Meditation

For information on Mindfulness Meditation classes, visit the Mindfulness website.

Monash Connect

Monash Connect assists students with administrative matters, such as:

  • enrolment variations
  • fees
  • financial assistance
  • ID cards
  • international student support
  • student forms or letters
  • academic records (transcripts)
  • travel concessions.

You can get information on these and other matters in

Where: Building B, Level 1
Tel: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)

Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA)

MPA is the representative body for all research and coursework postgraduates
enrolled at Monash University.

We provide a range of services to support the specific needs of postgraduates,
including advocacy, representation, seminars and social events.

Specific postgraduate facilities on Caulfield campus can be found here.

Where: Building C, Level 2
Tel: 9903 1880

Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA)

Monash University Museum of Art presents a dynamic program of exhibitions focusing
on contemporary Australian and international art since the 1960s.

Where: Building F, Ground Floor
Tel: 9905 4365
Website: MUMA Museum

Monash University Student Organisation - MONSU Caulfield

MONSU Caulfield represents the interests of Caulfield campus students.

It provides essential services and activities to help you make connections at university.

The Workshop

  • talk to your student representatives
  • have your assignments bound and laminated
  • join a club or society
  • fax a document
  • find out what's happening at the Caulfield campus.
Where: Building S, Level 2
Tel: 9903 2525
Events: Facebook group

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Non-Residential Colleges (NRCs)

Non-Residential Colleges provide students living off-campus with the opportunity to
enhance their student experience while studying at Monash.

By joining one of the non-residential colleges at Caulfield - Pegasus, Phoenix
or Auriga - you'll have access  to a fun and supportive environment.

Website: Non-Residential Colleges

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Overseas Student Services

Overseas Student Services (OSS) is the MONSU Caulfield Committee for
all students from overseas at Caulfield campus. It represents and supports
international students.

You can access the international student lounge or join in on OSS events.

Where: Building S, Level 2, Room S2.36
Tel: 9903 2525

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Parenting room

Where: Building S, Level 2, Room 2.33


Metered and reserved parking (requires a permit) are available both on and off campus.
Contact Monash Connect for more information.

See Transport

Postgraduate support and representation

See Monash Postgraduate Association

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Monash Caulfield provides security services 24 hours a day.
We encourage you to report any suspicious behaviour or incidents you witness to Security.

Where: Building J, Level 1, Multi-level carpark
Tel: 9903 2211
In an emergency
Tel: 9905 3333
333 (from an internal campus phone)

If you witness or are a victim of crime, you should report this to the police.

Spiritual room and prayer rooms

Website: Spiritual, prayer and quiet rooms


On campus, there is a fully equipped health and fitness centre, fitness classes and sporting clubs.
Casual use and memberships are available .

Visit the Monash Sport service desk to find out how to access indoor and outdoor courts.
You can also get involved in TeamMONASH events.

Where: Building S, Level 1
Tel: 9903 2358

Student associations and representation

See Monash University Student Union (MONSU) and Monash Postgraduate Association (MPA).

Student lounges

Postgraduate student lounges

Where: Building C, Level 2
Building H, Level 1, Room H1.32

Overseas Student Services (OSS) lounge

Where: Building S, Level 2, Room S2.36

Student magazine and campus news

Esperanto is a student magazine written by students for students. Contributions are welcome.

Where: Building S, Level 2
Tel: 9903 2525

This Week at Caulfield (TWAC) is a weekly online events calendar happening on campus.

Where: portal

Student rights and support

MONSU student rights and support is a confidential information service.
It provides advice, referrals, assistance and advocacy to students.

Where: Building S, Level 3
Tel: 9903 2596

Student service centre

See Monash Connect

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Monash University encourages sustainable transport options:

If you are driving to campus, check parking options.

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