What accommodation options are available?

Green Office Park (GOP) is located in BSD City in the Tangerang region to the west of Greater Jakarta. South Tangerang contains several self-contained middle-income townships, including in BSD city.

BSD is a 6,000 hectare township that still has over 2,500 ha worth of greenfield development potential. The township has reliable public transport network within BSD and back to Central Jakarta, plus pedestrian sidewalks and bicycle lanes to link residences with education, retail, entertainments and service hubs within BSD.

The township has plentiful housing and accommodation options.

Understanding the private rental market

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is intended to act as a reference point only. The accommodation options outlined are provided without endorsement or affiliation with Monash University, but for the convenience of our students.

The Private Rental Market means that you are renting your own property either by yourself, with your family or with a group of friends. There will be one agreement and one bond for the entire property/room.

The private rental market is regulated under government regulations no. 14/1994 (PP no 14/1994). For dispute resolution refer to regulations no. 14/1994.

Option 1 – Condominiums and apartments

There are ample one and two-bedrooms condominiums and apartments between 0.9 km and 6 km from Green Office Park. Estimated travel time is 5 – 15 minutes by public transport. Prices range from RP 1.8m ($160 AUD) per calendar month to RP 4m ($360 AUD) per calendar month.

Condominium and apartment options can be found at:

Option 2 – Boarding houses

Single rooms at Boarding houses with 3-7 rooms include options with private/shared bathrooms and shared kitchen. They are located between 1.8km and 10km from GOP and range in price from RP 800,000 ($70 AUD) per calendar month to RP 2.5m ($220 AUD) per calendar month. Estimated travel time from GOP is 7 – 20 minutes by public transport.

Boarding house options can be found at:

Option 3 – Hotels

There are five large hotels (3, 4 and 5 star) within 2 km of Green Office Park. Rates range from RP 565,000 ($50 AUD) to RP 942,000 ($90 AUD) per night. Estimated travel time from GOP is between 5 minutes by public transport.

Hotel options can be found at: