Research intensive, industry focused

Research intensive and industry engaged, Monash Indonesia will be a postgraduate campus for future leaders - those seeking Master and PhD degrees, as well as executive programs and micro-credentials.

Paving new pathways for students who desire a truly global education, our graduates will be awarded at the conclusion of their studies with a world-class Monash University post graduate qualification.

Monash’s ground breaking discoveries have earned us a national and international reputation for the quality of our research, and our work improves health, solves complex global challenges and empowers whole communities.

Monash has the research capability, international presence, influential networks and critical infrastructure to lead global communities towards a more resilient, sustainable and prosperous future.

Through its research agenda Monash will generate new knowledge that positively impacts Indonesia’s social, technological and economic development.

We will build on our impacts in these crucial focus areas thorough our education offerings,  industry research collaborations and research partnerships:

Data Science: In the information age, where big data is ever changing and ever challenging, we look to data science to help us understand the past, better manage the present, and effectively plan for the future. Graduates are in high demand in these areas, where they can have big impacts on understanding big data and cyber security.

Urban Design - Indonesia’s rapid growth presents challenges for the next generation of urban planners, architects and engineers. Designing smart and sustainable cities to meet our current and future needs as well as navigate the complexities of climate and environmental sustainability is a key focus for Monash’s research agenda.

Business Innovation. In an ever-adapting global context of technological and global change, Monash seeks to question business practices and adapt them to develop and progress Indonesia’s economy.

Public Policy. In a world of constant technological, environmental and political change, understanding public policy, how it’s made and how it impacts on the everyday lives of individuals and communities is essential across both the public and private sectors.  Monash graduates, could make a strong impact in enhancing Indonesian public health and public policy systems.