Getting to know .... Elise Redmond

What is your role at Monash?

I'm the Operations Manager at Monash University's Student Union based at Peninsula campus (MONSU Peninsula). MONSU Peninsula aims to enhance the university experience of students through a variety of regular events, services and support programs. Student Council consists of elected students who represent all Peninsula campus students.

MONSU Peninsula provides free food and activities during various themed weeks throughout the semester such as Orientation Week, Student Survival Week, One World Week and Stress Less Week, as well as our weekly BBQs – MONSU Mondays. MONSU also provides Student Welfare programs like Breakfast Club, Tucker Trolley, Placement Relief Fund, Food Bank and Student Rights & Support. I've been working at MONSU Peninsula for ten years now and previously served on Student Council as the Deputy President during my uni days.

Did you want to do this sort of work when you were small? 

I didn't know such a job existed until I started my studies at Monash! But I am so glad I found this job, I love it :)

When I was small, I really wanted to be a teacher. I'm very much a people person. I graduated with a degree in Human Resource Management from Monash University which has come in very useful in my position.

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable and fun part of your job?

I love working with our elected student representatives, our clubs and societies, and volunteers. We are blessed to have such lovely students on our campus and I love helping them on their journey of getting involved with campus life. It's really fun working with the student union and being able to see the difference that it makes to students' lives. I also really enjoy the variety in my role - there's never a dull day!

In three words, how would you describe your students?

Passionate, caring and motivated.

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

I LOVE the beach, it's my happy place. It was the main reason why I chose to study at Peninsula campus.

What do you love most about Peninsula campus?

The staff and students of Peninsula campus are amazing, as well as the beautiful grounds of campus. You're able to develop great relationships at Peninsula.