Getting to know .... Kelly Ann Bowles

What is your role at Monash?

I have been at Monash University for nearly 6 years and over this time I have had a few different roles. I initially joined as a Research Fellow in the Department of Physiotherapy and worked closely with clinicians at Monash Health. I then moved to the Department of Paramedicine and have been the Director of Research there for just over three years and have absolutely loved it. In July 2019, I also took on the role of Director of Research for the School of Primary and Allied Health Care. I have a great passion for all different clinicians and health services working together, so I am really excited about what the future holds for our school.

Did you want to do this sort of work when you were small? 

I always wanted to work in elite sport as a sports scientist. I was very fortunate and spent two years at the Australian Institute of Sport on scholarship as a Biomechanist when I finished my undergraduate degree. Although it was fun working with the athletes, I kind of got bored. I started to think that getting people to participate in life was more important than winning, so research took over.

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable and fun part of your job?

I love seeing people experience the excitement of research. I really enjoy working with people who may have thought that research was not for them or was too hard, and see them “take over” a project and thrive. This is most true for clinicians who are fantastic at their job, but something about it annoys them, so through research they can help be a part of the solution.

In three words, how would you describe your students?

If I had to pick three words they would be leaders, passionate and enthusiastic.

Are you involved in any sort of research? 

Research is pretty much my entire job.  Although my research involvement is quite diverse, my two main areas at this time are paramedic health and well-being and the design of paramedic health services. Research in the area of paramedicine is growing so quickly that this is a very exciting time to do research in this space.

What do you love most about Peninsula campus?

I did all of my study at the University of Wollongong and Peninsula campus reminds me a lot of that campus. The trees are so beautiful and you could think that you are in a regional area although you are in the city. Also, the small size does allow you to get to know more people.  It is just a really friendly place to work.