Getting to know .... Louise Campisano

What is your role at Monash?

I am the Non-Residential College (NRC) Coordinator for Aquila College and I’ve been working at Monash for just over a year. Aquila College gives students living off-campus the opportunity to enhance their experience while they are at Monash. We offer social support, mentoring, leadership opportunities and a huge range of activities and events. To sum it up in one sentence, Aquila offers a sense of community with a huge amount of fun thrown in!

Did you want to do this sort of work when you were small? 

I don’t think this type of role ever existed when I was little and I had no idea what I wanted to be back then. One thing is for sure, I absolutely love working with students. In previous roles I worked with students on different events such as open days and education expos. In my current role I do the same except the events are student focused and much more fun! I am really excited to see what happens next in the student focused areas at Monash University.

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable and fun part of your job?

I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing students grow within the NRC adviser role. Advisers that start off being apprehensive and timid have come out of their shells and shown self-confidence and resilience which is vital for when they graduate and enter the workforce.

I also have the opportunity to be involved in organising and running NRC camps and off campus events such as snow day and beach day which is always heaps of fun!

In three words, how would you describe your students?

Hardworking, compassionate and philanthropic

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

Komodo National Park, Indonesia. It’s an untouched beautiful part of the world and the scuba diving is amazing!

What do you love most about Peninsula campus?

NRC members and College Heads on this campus are really passionate about enhancing the student engagement experience because they see the benefits of the program and the potential it has to further grow and develop. I really love working with people who believe in what you do and can see the bigger picture.

I also love the family of kookaburras that live in a tree outside my office, they sing to me every morning which is pretty cool, I couldn’t see that happening at any other campus!

What can you offer students online?

Recently, the way in which we run the NRC program has dramatically shifted as, at present, we can’t run face-to-face training, activities or events. The team has worked really hard to move with the times to allow students to engage and create a community online when it’s needed the most. And we are currently relying on students to spread the word so that we can gain more members!

The online community has virtual common rooms where students can video call, text and voice chat, play games, watch movies, play trivia, discuss topics, share interests and engage in online activities. So far it’s been really positive as it has allowed students to feel they are part of the Monash Community.

Being online has also enabled us to open our doors to a much wider Monash community and we have recently welcomed a student from our Malaysia campus which is really exciting!

NRC's are free to join, and to become a part of our online community you can find out more here