Getting to know .... Samantha Dix

What is your role at Monash?

I have worked at Monash for almost three years now, beginning in January 2017. My role here is as the Director of Simulation for Nursing and Midwifery and as a senior lecturer in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Did you want to do this sort of work when you were small? 

I have wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. I have often wondered what other job I could have done if I wasn’t a nurse and I have never been able to decide on anything that sparks my interest as much as nursing. I have been really fortunate that nursing has allowed me to work in many wonderful places around the world, including cruise ships in the south pacific, and meet so many wonderful people.

What do you consider to be the most enjoyable and fun part of your job?

I thoroughly love teaching nursing and especially so using various simulation modalities. It is a privilege to see many ‘light bulb’ moments during a simulation, where the theoretical and practical learning students have completed comes together. They become nurses or midwives in that moment and as a teacher, it is always so great to be part of.

In three words, how would you describe your students?

The students are enthusiastic, engaging and committed.

Are you involved in any sort of research? 

I have been involved in several research projects since beginning my academic career and they have almost all involved exploration of the use of simulation to aid student learning. Three years ago I did not know that I would develop such a passion for understanding how my teaching influences students learning. It is so important that we understand how to help future nurses and midwives provide high quality patient care and education research allows us to do this.

What do you love most about Peninsula campus?

Peninsula campus is such a lovely, leafy place to work. I like that I have been able to get to know others around the campus, that I get see other health professions students learning and that it is not too far to get to anything.  The gardens are amazing, especially when we get to see kookaburras, owls and possums from our offices.