Industry and community

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Our collaboration with top industry leaders is what makes us stand out. From medicine and health, to sports science and education, we are coming up with new ways to deepen our knowledge and benefit the community. Our partnerships with local schools, government, and industry and community groups produce tangible outcomes that change lives and have an economic impact.

Health Research Partnerships

Last year, Monash University and Peninsula Health signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a leading-edge Academic Centre on the grounds of Frankston Hospital. This Centre will be a shared facility for professional development for Peninsula Health clinical staff, teaching of Monash University health professional students as well as expanded joint research activities.

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Student Placement Partnerships

Our placement partnerships provide prospective teachers to more than 50 schools, and each year our nursing and midwifery students enjoy more than 151,000 placement hours in hospitals across the Peninsula. We are a significant provider of quality emergency care (ambulance) and paramedic workers, and the single largest provider of trainee intensive care ambulance paramedics and aeromedical paramedic workers in the state. Each year we collaborate with a range of healthcare partners to place more than 450 emergency care students.

Partnerships with Schools

Our partnerships with schools extend well beyond student placement. We provide professional development events for current teachers in the area and actively assist in curriculum enhancement. The campus hosts a range of events for teachers and students including a Career Speed Dating Event with Mornington Secondary school, regular Lab Tours, Winter break Campus Tours, and regular VTAC Career Teacher and Career Advisor tours.

Collaboration with Community and Industry

Monash Peninsula is actively involved with community and industry. Our industry and community partnerships keep us in step with the changing needs and emerging trends in the region.

The nature of our partnerships reflects the broad nature of our community involvement.

We have partnered with the City of Frankston to measure the impact of a major recreational and aquatic centre upon physical activity and measures of wellbeing in the community.

Our partnerships with Mission Australia Housing, Yooralla and the Summer Foundation Ltd created an innovative Frankston-based project to provide new insights into support models for young people with disabilities, who might otherwise be placed in aged care. Read more

We believe in the growth that innovation can bring to the Peninsula. As a result, we partnered with the Frankston Foundry – an award winning start-up business in Frankston dedicated to driving innovation by providing start-ups with co-working space, access to entrepreneurial expertise and a thriving local innovation network. Learn more