Dorcas Yeung

Third year Occupational Therapy student, Dorcas Yeung chose her university degree based on interests in allied health and design. Some might think that’s an unusual fit, but as Dorcas explains, it’s really not.

“Occupational Therapy really does combine health and design,” she says. “There are definitely sections of the job that require creativity, such as when you need to modify an environment for a patient, or even using design with 3D printers.”

Dorcas is currently completing her second clinical placement in her hometown of Hong Kong.

“This year I’m working in a private paediatric clinic,” she says. “My supervisor uses sensory integration and has a sensory room for children where those with processing issues can come and use play to enhance their functions and learning skills.”

Dorcas explains that through the use of sensory equipment such as swings, rock climbing, and ball pools, the sensory room can provide a ‘just right challenge’ for the sensory integrative function of the child, enabling them to organise and utilise their body’s seven senses appropriately.

Reflecting on her interest in design, Dorcas says she’s keen to see how Occupational Therapy and technology work together.

“The clinic I’m working at is very technology driven,” she says. “I’m hoping to be able to witness the whole 3D design process in action!”

Since arriving in Australia three years ago, Dorcas says her experience at Peninsula campus has been a positive one.

“My course can be very intense at times as there is so much to learn, but the environment on campus is very calming. It’s really peaceful and I love the greenery.”

Dorcas says she found the transition from high school to university quite easy as Peninsula has a strong community feel. Coupled with a smaller campus, she says the environment wasn’t at all intimidating and really helped with making friends.

So why Monash? Dorcas says the hands-on experience obtained through clinical placements was a key reason, as well as the smaller class sizes that enable a lot one-on-one time with the teachers.

In the lead up to Open Day on Saturday 3 August, Dorcas is volunteering her time this year to become Peninsula’s new social media ambassador.

“Open day is great,” she says “It’s a really friendly and welcoming event. You can learn a lot about the campus, join in activities and talk to loads of people.”

Dorcas has participated in a couple of Open Day events now and says she has five top tips for prospective students and their families:

  1. Participate in as many activities on campus as you can so you can get a feel for the courses on offer
  2. Don’t just look at one course, go to the event with other options in mind
  3. Visit as many demonstrations as you can as it will give you a great picture about the practical aspects of the course
  4. Visit the library to check out the student life on campus and all the different activities and clubs offered as this is how you will make friends and settle down
  5. Don’t forget to look at options for living on campus as well

Make sure you look out for Dorcas on Open Day, she’ll be capturing all the excitement on campus for Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss any great activities, seminars or tours.

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