Maria Gindidis

Maria Gindidis

I am the Chief Examiner of both Peninsula campus and Clayton campus first year core units in the Faculty of Education. At Peninsula campus, my Unit Coordinator is the amazing Sarika Kewalramani.

What do I do? A Chief Examiner (CE) is responsible for the implementation of a unit, the assessment and must recommend the final result for each student. The Deputy Dean Education appoints a Chief Examiner for each unit taught by the Faculty.

I also do the weekly lectures and have two tutorial groups as I believe you cannot be a CE unless you are involved at all levels. Our Zoom sessions in 1061 are about connection, fun and cognitive enrichment regarding topics and content. We have weekly themes like show us your pet in the Zoom class or Pyjama Zoom class – wear your pjs. I have attached with permission a snapshot of a first year Zoom class. Thank you Wednesday 9am tutorial! My virtual background was to say something about my identity – daughter of Greek migrants who came out in the 1950’s.

What top tips would you give first year students to have a successful year at Monash?

  1. Organise Yourself. University is very different to high school. ...
  2. Prioritise. Similar to staying organised; prioritise your tasks. ...
  3. Study First, Party Later. ...  a little hard (or easier?) right now with social distancing!
  4. Take Good Notes; Pay Attention. ... 
  5. Keep Calm and Carry On. ... resilience is important for effective teachers and we are being tested with COVID19
  6. Take Advantage of Resources. ... please explore your Moodle sites, explore and play in them the resources are amazing
  7. Get Involved – at this moment students in 1061 have set up Facebook pages and a whole 1061 cohort Discord site with channels for socialising in the digital world – Stay connected!

What's your favourite hobby?

Travel, dance and yoga - I dance in the first two minutes as livestream lectures start and the theatre is empty! I am terrible at it but love it as I do it for purely exercise. I love my Zumba classes and started Yoga six months ago to help still my mind and work on core flexibility.

How can students reach out to you if they would like to connect with you?

Email! email ! email! –