Luke Robinson and Nikos Thomacos

Luke Robinson

What is your role as First Year Coordinator?

We are part of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences and are based at the Peninsula Campus.

As First Year Coordinators, our role is to support first-year occupational therapy students, help them to transition into the course, and to the university more generally. We also bring together the First-Year Representatives – of which this year there are three – to discuss with them how the first-year cohort is going, identify things that we can do to make their studies and learning more successful, and also as a way of us better understanding them as a group. Based on this work we report back to the Occupational Therapy Department, and advocate on behalf of the first-year students as needed. We also teach and coordinate first-year units (Luke in OCC1011; and Nikos in OCC1021), as well run the Transition Orientation to OT (TOOT) Program.

We know that having to start your studies online has been tough. You are doing well, and we are here to help. Make sure you contact us or the First Year Representatives.

Nikos Thomacos

What top tips would you give first year students to have a successful year at Monash?

Learn time management – get organised… and quickly

Learn how to prioritise – know what needs to be done now… and do it!

Take advantage of the resources – from Moodle to … there are so many resources to help you during your studies, sporting and social activities, etc.

Remember… this is not school – and what you are learning here will help you help you to transition to a career, obtain an income, and gain independence.

Think about what you are learning, and not just try to remember it all - understanding what you are learning will help you not only enjoy your studies more; it will also help you to achieve better grades.

Get to know others in the year – they will be not just friends but also study buddies and lifelong friends.

What's your favourite hobby?

Nikos: music, theatre, visual arts, etc. Creativity in all its forms. Listening, watching, and participating in the creative arts brings you in contact with so many new and wonderful ideas, languages, types of food, and of course people.

Luke: music, travel, and being at the beach. I collect vinyl records and enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and listening to an album from start to finish… the way it was intended to be played! Walking along the beach looking out at the water makes me feel calm and at home.

How can students reach out to you if they would like to connect with you?

You can contact us both:

Dr Nikos Thomacos, email or phone 03 9904 4873.

Dr Luke Robinson, email or phone 03 9904 4139.