Tom Hogan

Third year Bachelor of Business Administration student Tom Hogan wasn’t really sure what he wanted to do before starting at Monash.

“Heading into year 12 I didn’t know which way I wanted to go afterwards,” says Tom. “I spoke to my parents and they suggested doing a business degree as it meant I could have more options when I graduated.”

Currently completing a double major in finance and economics, and marketing communications, Tom is enjoying the variety of subjects offered through the Bachelor of Business Administration.

“There’s a wide range of subjects to choose from. I actually hadn’t done an accounting subject before my first year and I was surprised that I really didn’t mind it. I also didn’t do economics in high school and now I’m majoring in it. The subjects are introduced slowly during first year so I didn’t feel I was at a disadvantage by not taking them in high school.”

Describing what it's been like to study online, Tom says it's been positive.

"I’ve adapted to online classes pretty well and found a routine. I also now have options to go to different online tutorial classes if I cannot make a class.

I’ve been contacting other students in my classes through Facebook to ask questions about the work or assignments. We are always sharing ideas with one another, which has been good. I’ve also surprised myself by enjoying the open book tests! I’ve found it’s taken some stress away from overthinking that I might forget to write some things in my test.”

Tom also shares some of his online study tips.

"It helps to stay active," says Tom. "I found that I would work more productively if I went for a run or did some gym workouts in the garage before study or between breaks. My mood would be better with some sort of physical activity. I also maintained a routine with specific days off studying which kept me motivated.”

Living locally in Patterson Lakes, Tom normally has a short 12 minute drive to campus.

“A lot of my mates went to study at different campuses. I was unsure at the start but I made friends really quickly. I’m pretty happy now, especially with my short drive!”

Tom is also enjoying the connections he is making with his teachers.

“The teachers at Peninsula definitely feel more invested in you compared to high school,” he says. “Even though it’s your work to stay on top of, if you fall behind they are the first to help.”

Tom speaks highly of his teacher, Lionel Frost.

“We bonded over football” says Tom. “It’s pretty refreshing having a chat about your favourite sport with your lecturer before class.”

Despite not knowing exactly what he wants to do at the end of his degree, Tom recently celebrated high marks in consumer psychology.

“I got a personal letter from my lecturer saying I had received an overall high distinction for consumer psychology. It was a nice touch to receive a note like that.”

With this insight, Tom says he might consider a future in marketing.

“Marketing is definitely more creative and it’s a side of my degree that I really enjoy. I didn’t realise how many subjects I could choose from in this area.”

Tom says that for any students considering Business Administration at Peninsula campus, they should keep their options open.

“You have your core subjects, but keep your mind open and try new things. Make sure you change it up.”

He also recommends being open about meeting new people and trying out the services on campus.

“There’s heaps of services you can access here. It’s a really nice campus, everyone knows each other and the teachers are really nice.”

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