Sachin Kulatilleke

Since his high school days, Sachin’s goal was to come to Australia to study. Encouraged by his family, Sachin attended Peninsula’s Open Day in 2017 and has not looked back since.

“I visited a number of university open days during my visit to Australia in 2017,” says Sachin. ‘And Monash was by far the best. It was so interactive and impressive.”

Originally from Sri Lanka, Sachin moved to Australia in February 2018 to begin his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. With his sights set on becoming an Accountant, Sachin was attracted to the BBA as it would give him a broad set of business skills, as well as exemptions for a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) accreditation.

“At the end of my degree I would love to get a job with one of the big four accounting companies,” he says. “My ultimate dream though is to be a useful individual in society. I want to try and help the large pool of talented kids in my home country towards accessing better education for a brighter future. Everyone deserves good education.”

Sachin is heading in the right direction to achieve his goals with an impressive set of results gained during his first year of study. He praises the tutors and lecturers at Peninsula campus for helping him to achieve these results.

“You get so much individual attention at Peninsula. When I visit the Business school, my teachers know my name and give me a pat on the back. It’s so motivating and a real driving factor for me.” He continues, “I feel confident to ask questions and it’s great because my teachers help me on the spot.”

Now in his second year, Sachin has thrown himself into university life.

“I’m a member of Peninsula’s non-residential college Aquila, a volunteer with the student union MONSU and also a student ambassador for my course.”

Sachin says that when he arrived at Peninsula he considered making friends a personal challenge, however with everyone on the campus being so friendly it really wasn’t difficult.

“I was worried on my first day but whenever there was an activity I volunteered. It really helped me to make friends. And now I’ve got friends from nursing, education and occupational therapy; you really can make a lot of friends at this campus.”

The natural environment at Peninsula was also a big draw card for Sachin with the calm and tranquil nature of the campus suiting him perfectly.

“Since being here, I love studying outside,” he says. “It’s so calming which is really good for your mental health. There is no rushing about and I also really enjoy the setting on campus.

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