Shihab Sharar Isa

Currently on track to successfully complete the first year of his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, Shihab Sharar Isa says his advice to students thinking about studying at Peninsula campus is “don’t think twice”. He says not only does the intimacy of the campus enable a great connection with teachers and fellow students; the BBA offers a broad range of subjects giving him the chance to consider a number of different career options.

“The subjects I’m studying are giving me the knowledge to decide whether I want to engage in something creative like marketing, or maybe to do something completely different, such as accounting.

At this stage I don’t quite know what I want to do in the future, but I like the idea of being my own boss, setting up my own business and making my own decisions. My favourite subject at the moment is economics, it’s giving me a broad understanding of the world, how it operates and what’s going on.”

Shihab says the BBA is also helping him to learn a lot about himself personally.

“In business you have to be able to speak to a lot of people and I’ve had to do this a lot since my studies began. These experiences are allowing me to learn and grow as a person.”

Originally from Bangladesh, Shihab joined Monash during the mid-year intake in July 2018. He initially moved into rented accommodation located 15 minutes from campus but was keen to move ‘on-res’ this semester to immerse himself fully into university life.

“Academics is my priority but I also want to engage in other things such as the social side of university. I think everyone should utilise the opportunity not just for studies, but to also experience interacting with people from different cultures. In the student village I live with three house mates and it’s so interesting; one is from Australia and two are from Hong Kong. I enjoy interacting with people and believe you should put yourself in an environment where there are different experiences to learn from.”

Shibab says that Peninsula campus offers a close-knit environment where everyone is inclusive.

“It’s not a bad thing seeing the same people every day on campus. I find that my lecturers know me personally and my friends know me in and out so I’m able to create a close rapport with them. It doesn’t matter what course they are doing, we all feel like a family.”

Shihab adds one of the reasons he chose Monash is because it’s part of the group of eight universities.

“Studying at Monash, I feel like the sky’s the limit for me. The university has such a great reputation that I know my degree with help me stand out when I plan for my future. I’ll be utilising it as much as possible.”

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