Rachel O'Brien

Living in the student village on Peninsula campus now means that first year Physio student, Rachel O’Brien is able to enjoy the communal areas in the new Peninsula residential accommodation, Gillies Hall.

“I live in a share house in the student village with eight others but we are able to enjoy the facilities in the Gillies Hall such as the common room, the music room, the games room and the study room,” says Rachel. “I think the new residential accommodation is really well designed. I like the interior as well as the colours.”

Rachel is from Heyfield in Gippsland and this is her first time living away from home.

“I have some friends living in my share house so it has been good so far but I’ve met lots of other students too,” says Rachel. “I go home on weekends to work as a Life Guard but as the weather gets cooler I’ll be spending more time here studying. I love the intimacy of Peninsula campus, as well as the surrounding gardens.”

Rachel participated in most of the Monash Residential Services student residential orientation activities and found it to be a really good way to meet other first year Physio students. Her course is also very practical which has helped.

“I’m getting to know everyone in the course,” she said. “It’s very hands on so we get to practise our techniques on each other in a very professional environment.”

Rachel’s future ambitions include becoming a Paediatric Physiotherapist or Physiotherapist specialising in women’s health in a regional hospital.