Chelsea Book

Chelsea Book is a second year Occupational Therapy student originally from NSW. Last year she lived in the student village at Peninsula campus and is now a Resident Advisor living in the studio apartments at Gillies Hall.

Chelsea’s parents supported her decision to move to Melbourne and she says living on campus offers an environment that supports students personally, as well as throughout their studies.

“Living on campus is a great way to meet people. You can always find someone that is doing the same assignment as you, or has already done it and you can chat about it. Everybody knows they are here for university and have their priorities straight.”

The Peninsula campus also suits Chelsea.

“I love it at Peninsula campus,” she says “I’ve got everything I need here. It’s amazing having the library so close, the 24 hour study lab is awesome and I love the coffee at the café. I also love the way the campus looks and the size as you are always running into someone that you know. It has a great community vibe.”

Moving into a new studio apartment added a different element to living on campus for Chelsea. Her initial thoughts were that individual apartments could be a bit isolating, but it has in fact proven to be completely the opposite.

“The residents on my floor are amazing. They are always in the kitchen or in the study room interacting or cooking dinner. The facilities in this building are really good, the games room is great and I also really love having my own space. I’m a really social person but it’s really nice to have your own time.”

Chelsea helped organise some of the Monash Residential Services student orientation activities; her favourites being the Frankston Amazing Race, City Scavenger Hunt and the commencement dinner.

“We are really pleased with how many students are coming to the events,” she says. “Because we are also holding a lot of events in the communal rooms at Gillies Hall it’s easy for the people living in the building to come down and join in. It’s also bringing over people from the student village and encouraging everyone to mix.”

Chelsea is loving her time studying at Monash and has plans to graduate with honours.

“I knew Monash was the best place for me and would give me the best opportunities after I’ve finished my course. I love the idea behind my course that encourages getting people back into the things that make them who they are. And the fact that the lecturers and tutors are all Occupational Therapists. They have amazing practical knowledge.”