Inclusive practices

Inclusive practices at Peninsula campus

Inclusive practices provide access for the diverse needs of our community by addressing the physical, social, economic and cultural barriers which exist with regard to equitable access and participation in higher education.

The Peninsula campus is committed to making sure that the inclusive practices policies established by the university are adhered to and that all activities include, or enable, the participation of everyone.

The Disability Liaison Unit (DLU) is primarily responsible for making sure that the university's inclusive practices policies for students are met.

A Peninsula Mobility Map has been developed by the Equity and Diversity Unit with the aim of providing people with a disability with a guide on accessing buildings around campus.

More Information
The Peninsula campus's Disability Liaison Officer is Matt Salas. Matt is at the campus every Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm for consultations or by appointment any other day. Matt can be contacted at Health Wellbeing and Development on extn 44223.