Security offices

Need to report a security emergency on campus?

Call the Monash emergency number – it’s the same for every campus:

  • Call 9905 3333 (or dial 333 from a Monash phone).

See something suspicious? Or have a general security enquiry?

  • Call 9902 7777 (or dial 2 7777 from a Monash phone)

Need urgent police, fire or ambulance help?

  • Call 000.

We’ve got security offices on all our campuses. And you can drop by or call them at anytime – day or night, 7 days a week.

Caulfield security office

Location: ground floor, Building T
(multi-level car park, south side main entry)
Caulfield campus map (PDF, 0.17 MB)
Caulfield campus homepage

Clayton security office

Location: 59 Scenic Boulevard
Clayton campus map (PDF, 0.29 MB)
Clayton campus homepage

Parkville security office

Location: Scott Building
Parkville campus map (PDF, 0.06 MB)
Parkville campus homepage

Peninsula security office

Location: level 1, Administration Building C
Peninsula campus map (PDF, 0.21 MB)
Peninsula campus homepage