Modern Slavery Act Report

Combating modern slavery

We are committed to a future without labour exploitation and rights violations in the form of modern slavery. This hidden, large-scale exploitation within our community often harms those least able to defend themselves.

  • Awareness

    We plan to train relevant staff about modern slavery warning signs, best practices when purchasing on behalf of the University, changes to specific policies and procedures and how they can address local level issues.

  • Supply chains

    We are updating offshore partner audit processes to evaluate modern slavery supply chain risk in specific industries.

  • Risk assessments

    We’re enhancing the geographic and industry-based risk assessment processes used to assess our suppliers.

  • Rigorous processes

    Our tendering documents and template agreements are being updated to include not only modern slavery, but a number of other suustainable procurement initiatives.

  • Focused policies

    We updated relevant policies and procedures to include reference to modern slavery and associated legislation.

  • Preferred suppliers

    Our staff are encouraged to work with Monash University-preferred providers and organisations with their own modern slavery act reports.

Podcast: Swipe Right for Slavery

Approximately 40 million people worldwide are enslaved in some way. And if you believe your hands are clean, you’re wrong. Listen to the What Happens Next? podcast on modern slavery.

Our approach

Modern Slavery Act Report

You can view further detail about our approach to combating modern slavery, including our reporting entities and governance structure, in this report.

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