Stormwater harvesting

Our Clayton campus stormwater harvesting system is an extensive underground water ring main to collect and circulate harvested water. Connecting a network of more than 60 water tanks across the campus it will significantly reduce our potable water usage for irrigation and toilet flushing. The system extracts stormwater from a Melbourne Water storm drain that runs under the north end of campus. Before entering the system the stormwater is first treated through a bio-filter garden to remove sediment and pollutants, then treated through a UV filtration system (pictured on the left).

Monash holds a license to extract 163 ML from the stormwater drain annually, which will offset approximately 30% of our potable water usage. In 2020, 25 ML of stormwater was harvested and used across the campus. This equates to 10 Olympic sized swimming pools of avoided potable water use.

graph that shows 2016-2020 Clayton campus harvested water usage

Graph: ESG Performance Report – Operations