Monash Blockchain Technology Centre

The Monash Blockchain Technology Centre is advancing blockchain technology for the greatest social impact. MBTC researchers have been working with Monash University supply chain experts in Monash Business School and Law, helping tailor research work into usable solutions – some of which are being licensed by commercial adopters. Each supply chain is different, and many overlap when key functions like manufacturing and logistics are outsourced to service providers.

Blockchain data architecture is not only scalable and immutable, but provides a trusted supply chain record that can dramatically improve data interchange, support dispute resolution, and speed governance activities like auditing. Complemented by new data collected from enabling technologies – for example, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, vibration and other physical attributes – it becomes easy for any supply-chain participant to validate the entire history of any specific product.

Trials are steadily increasing awareness of blockchain technology, pushing it to the national level after the Australian government this year published its formal National Blockchain Roadmap.