Fire to Flourish

Fire to Flourish is a new five-year transdisciplinary program led by Monash University working at the intersection of disaster resilience and community development. In partnership with four communities across New South Wales and Victoria affected by the 2019/20 Australian bushfire season, the program supports communities to lead their own recovery, co-create foundations for long-term resilience and wellbeing, and disrupt cycles of entrenched disadvantage.

In 2021, the program on building strong foundations and relationships, and co-hosted two public events to learn from the experiences, ideas and wisdom of community members: a webinar on Community Leadership & Disaster Resilience: Research and Implications for Policy, and the Growing Community-led Disaster Resilience Forum. It also undertook a National Survey on Disaster Preparedness and Resilience, and released An Agenda for change: Community-led disaster resilience.