Retirement Confidence Index (RCI) & Dashboard

In response to Australia’s ageing population, Monash University's BehaviourWorks Australia has been working with AustralianSuper for the last four years to investigate the factors that make for a ‘good retirement’. The AustralianSuper Monash University Retirement Confidence Index (AMRCI) was established to track changes in Australian's retirement confidence from year to year.

The AMRCI considers financial preparedness and an individual’s ability to afford living expenses, as well as the health, social and planning aspects of retirement. In other words, AMRCI shows that retirement confidence is not only related to having money in the bank but about how people think and feel about finishing up their working lives. A dynamic online tool has also been developed for AustralianSuper members to interactively explore how confident they currently feel about retirement, and determine what’s really involved in shaping a ‘good retirement’.