In 2022, 243 units directly related to SDG10 were offered across Monash University, with a total enrolment of 13,588 individual students.

The units highlighted below are a small sample of the units at Monash relating to reducing inequality:

Hosted by Monash University Malaysia’s School of Arts and Social Science, AMU2625 Borders, People and Identity - Migration in the 21st Century is a cornerstone unit that explores the political, economic and social determinants of national migration policies and the impact that these policies have on migrants around the world, including underprivileged migrants (in low or semi-skilled jobs) and involuntary migrants such as refugees and asylum seekers.

Arts and Social Sciences - hands

The Master of Indigenous Business Leadership is jointly offered by the William Cooper Institute and Monash Business School to strengthen Australia’s Indigenous workforce in public, private and community sectors. The course collaborates with the Munarra Centre for Regional Excellence in Shepparton to deliver business hackathons, as well as Deloitte Indigenous Services Group, whose support for the programme includes work experience and internship placement, mentoring and sponsorship opportunities.

The program received a 2022 Wurreker Award by the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc for excellence in Indigenous education and community partnership to Support career development and employment outcomes for Indigenous students.

Katrina Johnson teaching a group of students in BEX5502

This capstone unit in the Monash Master of Indigenous Business Leadership, unit BEX5504 Indigenous Business Leadership Study Program has students examine a broad range of social, legal and political issues that can impact on the strategy and operations of operating in an Indigenous business environment. Through the use of readings, case studies, and an analysis of current events, the unit confronts students with some specific challenges of doing business in an Indigenous context. This unit develops skills and understanding of citizenship, cultural sensitivity and effective teamwork.