Monash University European Research Foundation (MUERF) hosted a research workshop at the Prato Centre to help build bottom-up collaborative responses to climate change. The event brought together Monash researchers, European academic partners and local policy-makers to discuss approaches to the development of localised responses to climate change across different research areas, as well as opportunities for joint research projects and grant funding applications.

The workshop was attended by colleagues from the University of Florence, the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change, the University of Siena, the European Climate Foundation (ECF) and the City Council of Prato. The event positioned Monash as a willing and capable research partner for climate change in Europe. It also provided greater understanding for Monash on priorities and needs of external partners

Monash Prato Centre

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The Monash Commission was established in 2018 to provide a platform for thought leaders from around the world to address important national and global issues. The second inquiry of the Monash Commission brought together a panel of global experts to explore the potential of intermediary cities in reframing post-pandemic liveability.

The Monash Commission report - The Liveable Metropolis: The Opportunity of Intermediary Cities to Deliver Resilience, Impact and Prosperity - was released in July 2022.

The report found the future of networked cities requires clarity of national urban plans and visionary leadership to understand the connection and strength between large cities and smaller, more agile intermediary cities. The Commission also explored the feasibility of new indices of liveability being developed to rank cities on the extent to which they contribute to economic and social prosperity in wider locations, and not just the city centre itself.

View the Monash Commission 2022 report.

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