Monash replaced its fixed annual car parking permit system with a ‘pay as you use’ (PAYU) virtual parking system in 2021. Pay As You Use (PAYU) parking is now in place across all our Australian campuses to make parking on campus fairer, flexible and easier for staff and students, and to further incentivise sustainable transport use.

N1 Car park with digital signage

Monash has a supportive cycling community and bike parking hoops are installed at all of its campuses, making cycling a convenient option for staff and students getting to campus. Secure undercover bike cages and arrival stations are also offered at many locations across Monash campuses. Access to all secure bike cages and arrival stations is free, requiring only registration for access.

Monash Bicycles

Monash University’s integrated campus access strategy aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with travelling to campuses through a shift from single-occupancy vehicles towards sustainable alternatives, such as public transport, University shuttle buses, carpooling, walking and cycling. The University aims to have more than 70 per cent of staff and students travel to Monash campuses using sustainable transport options.

In 2022 the University commenced delivery of a net zero transport strategy with a zero emission bus trial in collaboration with key stakeholders

Tesla car attached to charging station at Monash Clayton campus