In 2022, 181 units directly related to SDG12 were offered across Monash University, with a total enrolment of 10,689 individual students.

The units highlighted below are a small sample of the units at Monash relating to responsible consumption and production:

Monash Art, Design and Architecture hosted a two-day hybrid event, Climate-Aware Creative Practices in February 2022. Educators from 13 universities were invited to the event to share and explore how climate change considerations can be included as part of creative practice education.

The outcome of the two days was the official launch of the Climate-Aware Creative Practices Network as a nation-wide entity with Associate Professor Terri Bird, Associate Professor Tara McDowell and Dr Helen Hughes from the Department of Fine Arts as the steering committee, as well as the formation of three working parties dedicated to supporting educational practices and knowledge in this space.

Other SDGs:

SDG 13 Climate Action

The first asynchronous online studio unit delivered by Monash Art, Design and Architecture, DGN2040 Creative Sustainability is an undergraduate elective that introduces the role of creative design thinking in response to environmental sustainability challenges.

Students explore topics of planetary health, relationality, materiality and responsible consumption through applied project-based tasks using design methods as tools for identifying and creatively addressing environmental sustainability challenges, including shaping personal behaviour patterns around sustainability.

Other SDGs:

SDG 13 Climate Action

DGN2500 Design Thinking for Global Challenges is an immersive undergraduate elective offered by Monash Art, Design and Architecture at the Prato Centre. The unit is designed to address SDG 12, giving students the opportunity to identify real-world sustainability challenges and apply design thinking approaches to address them through a range of collaborative and creative interventions. Students analyse the challenge through organised factory tours to see how circular economy textiles are recycled into new garments and hands-on workshops with an experimental textile studio to redesign and upcycle used clothing.

The Department of Accounting at Monash Business School has offered unit ACX2900 Accounting for Sustainability to undergraduate students since 2016, covering sustainability issues including integrity and inclusivity, ecology, human rights, and governance. The subject collaborates with industry partners to offer learning experiences focused on positive impact.

In 2022, students enrolled in the unit partnered with textile recovery and textile waste recycling company, Upparel, to organise a Textile Waste Day on campus. The event showcased the transformative power of accounting in advancing socio-ecological change to staff, students and the wider community.

Upparel diverts textile waste from landfill (left) by sorting it for reuse or recycling (right). Pictures courtesy Upparel

A collaboration between The Woolmark Company and Monash, The Woolmark Company Prato Study Scholarship program supports students to further their academic development through studying at the Prato Centre and by undertaking industry experience with Woolmark allied creative industries. Scholarship recipients begin by visiting wool growers in Geelong then visit textile factories and design studios in Prato and near Milan, learning about the textile production process and how the textile industry is addressing issues of sustainable production and consumption.

In 2022, the industry tour included visits to The Woolmark Company’s Milan office (including the Wool Lab), the d-House Innovation Hub, a wool mill and a wool appreciation course. Recipients also visited GIDA, a wastewater treatment management facility in Prato - a new addition to the scholarship program in 2022.

Other SDGs: 

SDG 3 Good Health and Well-Being SDG 4 Quality Education SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation