Monash University’s landscapes and Indigenous flora, with an estimated value of more than $100 million, are designated by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects as being nationally significant. Embedded in the campus masterplans is a commitment to sustain a rich biodiversity on each campus, sensitive to local contexts. The masterplans for each Australian campus include clear deliverables and metrics for the infrastructure and landscape development to achieve University aspirations, including sustainability goals.

Monash continually endeavours to improve the sustainability and biodiversity of its campus ecosystems so they are better equipped to manage a changing climate and extreme weather events. Work is being undertaken to improve the sustainability of our gardens, including the installation of permeable pathways and rainwater harvesting and treatment networks to capture, reuse and repurpose water throughout our landscapes for the benefit of wildlife, including the diverse bird species that seek respite among our native flora each year.

Caulfield Campus grounds