In 2022, 320 units directly related to SDG16 were offered across Monash University, with a total enrolment of 13,096 individual students.

The units highlighted below are a small sample of the units at Monash relating to peace, justice and strong institutions:

Students in this unit examine transnational business regulatory and compliance regimes relevant to global business operations, and how transnational business entities fit into the global community of international legal persons.  A variety of legal relationships existing in the transnational community are analysed, including consideration of the ethical and compliance aspects raised by each. Case studies, role playing and class simulations are used to explore interactions between transnational business regulation and compliance regimes and business culture and decision making.

Monash Centre for Financial Studies and Monash Executive Education at Monash Business School have launched a new open program focused on Modern Slavery Reporting. Utilising the Modern Slavery Disclosure (MSD) scoring framework designed by the MCFS, the new program provides participants with a fundamental understanding of current global regulatory developments on modern slavery, explains the reporting requirements of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act 2018 and offers guidance on how best to respond to these criteria using Monash’s MSD framework.

Modern Slavery