In accordance with the requirements and regulations under the Financial Management Act 1994, Monash University tables its Annual Report (including financial statements) in the Victorian Parliament and is a publicly available document on the Monash University website.

View Monash University’s 2022 Annual Report.

Monash University Council is the governing body of Monash University, established by the Monash University Act 2009. As part of the requirements under the Act, Monash University are required to elect two positions to Council – an elected student member position and an elected staff member position.

The Monash Student Association (MSA) is the focal point of campus life and the peak representative body for undergraduate students at Monash Clayton. Established in 1961, MSA has a proud history of serving and protecting all students' interests.

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In 2022, significant work was undertaken in order to support the commitments expressed in Monash University’s Environmental, Social and Governance Statement 2021-2025.

An ESG Steering Committee was established in November 2022 to provide additional oversight to implementation of commitments in the ESG Statement and to advance progress against the SDGs. Members of this Steering Committee are nominated to represent and be accountable for ESG priority areas at the Committee, including progress toward meeting ESG priorities and identifying emerging risks to achieving those priorities and proposed mitigation measures.

An ESG Reporting Framework was also developed in 2022 to provide guidance in reporting Monash’s progress of its ESG priorities as outlined in the ESG Statement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) advances. The inaugural ESG report will be published in 2023.