Number of Monash Research Outputs: 292

Mean Field Weighted Citation Impact of Monash Outputs: 1.65

3 Year Rolling Mean FWCI of Monash Outputs: 2.24

Since 2019 the Monash IP Observatory, housed at SoDa Laboratories in the Monash Business School, has been measuring the activity and quality of over 400 million internet addresses globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Observatory's data play a key role in supporting international accountability and justice by providing the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights daily updates that are critical to their work in tackling human rights violations both online and offline.

Monash Law School research is helping to address the enforcement of antidiscrimination law, impact of Covid-19 on workers with family responsibilities, pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, and the role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in resolving legal disputes. Associate Professor Dominique Allen has worked with various Human Rights Commissions, and other authorities and gathered evidence about how the law is ‘working on the ground’ in order for law reforms to be realistic and achievable. Her latest research project focuses on women’s experiences using Victoria’s anti-discrimination laws.

The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law