In 2022, 89 units directly related to SDG17 were offered across Monash University, with a total enrolment of 4,689 students.

The units highlighted below are a small sample of the units at Monash relating to partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals:

The Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is Monash University’s flagship international study initiative bringing students together with sustainability practitioners in India, Malaysia, Samoa, Fiji, Indonesia and Italy to understand the impact of human activities on environments and to implement actions to advance the SDGs.

In total, 592 students participated in GIG in 2022 (with 573 successful completions), an 11 per cent increase in volumes for 2019, when the funded overseas experience was last offered. The GIG program also expanded to two new locations: Fiji and Delhi (Mumbai had been provided as a destination in previous years as part of the India program).

Global Imersion Guarantee

Monash is one of the principal partners in the Youth Environmental Alliance in Higher Education (YEAH) Network, a transdisciplinary, multi-institutional network that equips students with real-world experience of collaborative, evidence-based approaches to global environmental sustainability. The YEAH Network develops virtual classrooms at the undergraduate and graduate levels that provide environmental learning through structured and real-life experiences of international negotiations.