Unit statistics and highlights

In 2022, 976 units directly related to SDG3 were offered across Monash University - the largest number of units relating to any SDG - with a total enrolment of 31,787 individual students.

Graph showing education unit directly related to SDG3

The units highlighted below are a small sample of the units at Monash relating to good health and well-being:

Medical Education Research and Quality (MERQ) in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine provides training to support best quality teaching and assessment in health and medicine. MERQ develops systems to translate pedagogical evidence into practice, creating a learning experience underpinned by quality, innovation and creativity.

Throughout 2022 MERQ ran workshops and seminars relating to medical and health education research, as well as professional development opportunities. The annual Teaching Challenges and Innovation Symposium brought together educators and leaders across MNHS in an interactive, day-long event on the theme ‘Public Health Impact’.

Other SDGs:

SDG 4 Quality Education

Sustainable Healthcare in Practice is a first of its kind short course delivered by Monash Sustainable Development Institute to help health professionals understand how their sector contributes to current environmental and climate challenges and essential elements of sustainable practice. Developed for existing health professionals, health educators and aspiring graduate students in the Master of Public Health and other masters in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, the course is designed with a commercial focus to help those enrolled develop, implement and interrogate their organisation’s approaches for incorporating climate change into strategy.

Other SDGs: 

SDG 4 Quality Education SDG 13 Climate Action