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The Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership is dedicated to building better leaders. It offers a variety of leadership programs, covering different topics, sectors and levels of immersion. By sharpening critical reasoning and ethical thinking, it has been helping high-level decision-makers since 1993 to better see the bigger picture on any issue they face. The Centre is Monash University, The Myer Foundation and Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation working in partnership. Programs offered by Cranlana include The Colloquium, Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, Executive Ethics, and the Customised Ethics Programs.

Created by the Faculty of Education, TeachSpace is a place for teachers to continue to learn. It provides resources, case studies and handy tips for the classroom. From easily accessible articles and videos to deeper dives for educational leaders, all the materials are based on the latest research from specialist educators from Monash. In 2022, this included 21 new articles covering topics such as Teaching and learning, STEM, Health and Physical Education, Early childhood, Inclusive education, Development and behaviour, Wellbeing, and Educational leadership.

The Monash Assistive Technology and Society Centre supports people with disabilities by exploring the role of technology in social and economic participation and driving technological innovation that meets the needs of people with disabilities, their families, educators and employers.

The Centre brings together more than 100 researchers across Monash disciplines in Australia and Malaysia. Activities in 2022 focused on three interlinked pillars of Community Impact, Excellent Research and Rich, Inclusive Education.

Green Steps, a transformational leadership program offered by Monash Sustainable Development Institute, brings Monash students together in innovative and practical sustainability training and consultancy projects. The program is designed to change perspectives and build practical skills such as problem mapping, strategic planning and communicating for change.

In 2022, 28 students participated in the Green Steps program, with 18 students then undertaking consultancy projects. The consultancy projects covered themes including pollution, waste and circular economy, shared value and net zero transitions, and improving public and community engagement. This is the second year Enel, an international renewable energy organisation, has sponsored the program.

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Monash University Malaysia’s School of Business partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as well as private institutions to help deliver the Connecting and Equipping Refugees for Tertiary Education (CERTE) bridge course. The CERTE course was developed to help prepare promising refugee students to take advantage of higher education opportunities in Malaysia.