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A total of 81 per cent of graduating domestic undergraduates at Monash found full-time work within six months of course completion in 2022. This was the highest level observed since the inception of the Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS) in 2016, demonstrating Monash remains highly regarded for graduate employability.

Employers have also expressed high satisfaction with Monash education. Around 86 per cent of employers indicated a strong likelihood of hiring another Monash graduate with the same qualification if given the opportunity.

Monash Graduation

Indigenous student enrolments have increased steadily across Monash, with 327 students enrolled across undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research levels in 2022 (up from 241 in 2018).

The William Cooper Institute provides support for Indigenous students through various initiatives, and works with faculties to provide non-Indigenous students with content that incorporates historical, contemporary issues drawing on Indigenous perspectives in curriculum and learning environments, including on-country experiences. A suite of compulsory Indigenous cultural modules for students were also developed, with more than 53,000 completions.