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Monash Research Outputs: 3152

Mean Field Weighted Citation Impact (FWCI): 2.24

3 Year Rolling Mean FWCI: 2.43

Monash University’s Faculty of Education is ranked first in Australia and has a reputation for academic excellence, expertise in areas of education including arts and creativity, early childhood play, environment and sustainability, health and physical education, and digital education. The Faculty's research agenda is focussed on working towards a society in which education enables full and equitable participation, with pillars on reimagining educational leadership, transforming teaching and learning, shaping digital futures, enhancing health and wellbeing, and educating for diversity and inclusion.

Unprecedented amounts of data are collected by technology in education. Learning analytics reveals hidden insights from this information to optimise learning and its environments.

The cross-faculty Centre for Learning Analytics at Monash (CoLAM) is a world-leader in learning analytics – and a globally-renowned hub for educating students and professionals in this area. Gathering top expertise in education and technology from around the world, the Centre undertakes applied research to directly inform public policy and its implications for education practice.

The Hub for Educational Design and Innovation (HEDI) in the Faculty of Education is the home of passionate researchers and educators who are reimagining higher education and professional learning. The Hub’s mission is to improve the access, opportunities, experience and success of all learners. Scholars in the Hub achieve this by driving the innovative transformation of learning designs, technologies, environments and communities.

Reimagining Higher Education and Professional Learning

Conceptual PlayLab tests ground-breaking play-based models for teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics to young children. Funded by a $3.2 million ARC Laureate Fellowship, the project aims to create significant shifts in the ways STEM concepts are taught in early childhood in Australia, and around the world.

Other SDGs:

SDG 5 Gender Equality

Funded by the Academy of Finland and co-led with researchers from the University of the Arts Helsinki, Music Education, Professionalism, and Eco-Politics in the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance investigates music education and teacher training in Finland, Australia and South Africa in order to identify new ways of implementing music education and arts education that are environmentally responsible, socially engaged and forward-looking.

The project aims to build educators’ professional self-awareness in music education and their civic responsibilities as professionals in an age of uncertainty, eco-crises, and systemic ‘wicked problems’.

Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music welcomes two new appointments