In 2022, 265 units directly related to SDG9 were offered across Monash University, with a total enrolment of 15,287 individual students.

The units highlighted below are a small sample of the units at Monash relating to industry, innovation and infrastructure:

Hosted by Monash Art, Design and Architecture, the series of Master of Architecture studies is connected to the Net Zero Precincts initiative and forms a test case of how communities can transition to decarbonised precincts, starting at Monash University’s Clayton Campus.

Students enrolled in the Advanced Architecture series (units ARC4501, ARC4502, ARC5501, ARC5502) analyse existing buildings on the Clayton Campus and communicate analysis outcomes using various mapping techniques that capture the data’s complexity. The units then explore crossovers between the technical, practical and social aspects of the campus and experiment with architectural design interventions that go beyond Net Zero towards resilience and regeneration.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are driven by our ability to interrogate the world around us and think critically to identify challenges and opportunities worth exploring. The Monash Business School unit BEX2411 Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Capabilities – one of the integrating units in the Bachelor of Business, focusing on complex issues and wicked problems – provides students with practical knowledge and hands-on experience in problem exploration, using design-driven, innovation-focused research and analysis tools and techniques.