Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Implementation and Oversight Committee (VCEIO)

The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Implementation and Oversight (VCEIO) Committee advises the Vice-Chancellor on the implementation of University strategy, monitors progress of key initiatives and provides oversight to the University's risk profile.

VCEIO is one of two principal management committees that provide advice to the Vice-Chancellor. The other is the Vice-Chancellor's Executive Committee (VCEC), which focuses on matters of University strategy, policy and budget, including the capital development and information technology plans.

Terms of reference

The Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Implementation and Oversight will:

  • Make recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor on the implementation of the University's strategy and monitor the University's performance against the strategic and operational plans;
  • Ensure a prompt and strongly co-ordinated approach to the evaluation of academic and business opportunities, review submissions for major new initiatives against the University's strategic plan and monitor their performance and risks;
  • Review the use of resources and performance across all organisational units (eg faculties, schools, departments, portfolios);
  • Monitor the University's key risk profile, key risk and performance indicators and financial performance against its strategic objectives;
  • Receive formal Post Implementation Review (PIR) report from the responsible executive on completion or transfer to 'business as usual' status.

Meeting frequency

The VCEIO will meet once every three weeks.


Substitutes will not be permitted unless a member plans to be absent from the University for more than four weeks. However if a Dean is an apology then another Dean may replace them.


Professor Susan Elliott AM Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, Chair
Professor Sharon Pickering Acting Provost and Senior Vice-President
Mr Peter Marshall AM Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice-President
Mr Leigh Petschel Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice-President
Professor Allie Clemans Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) and Senior Vice-President
Professor Doron Ben-Meir Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise and Engagement) and Senior Vice-President
Professor Rebekah Brown Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Senior Vice-President
Mr Damien Farrell Vice-President (Advancement)
Professor Matthew Gillespie AM Vice-Provost (Academic Affairs)
Professor Adeeba Kamarulzaman Chief Executive Officer, Monash University Malaysia and Pro Vice-Chancellor and President (Malaysia)
Professor Tristan Kennedy Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous)
Professor Craig Jeffrey Pro Vice-Chancellor (International)
Professor Mike Ryan Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor Sarah MacDonald Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience)
Professor Viv Ellis Dean, Faculty of Education
Professor Ann Nicholson Dean, Faculty of Information Technology
Professor Bryan Horrigan Dean, Faculty of Law
Professor Jordan Nash Dean, Faculty of Science
Ms Jo Mithen CEO, Monash College
Mr Robert Gerrity University Librarian
Mr Trevor Woods Vice-President (Services)
Mr Fabian Marrone Chief Marketing, Admissions and Communications Officer and Vice President
Ms Renée Kemp Interim Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Mr Bradley Williamson Executive Director, Buildings and Property
Mr George Ou Executive Director, Financial Resources Management
Mr Donald Speagle Executive Director, Group Governance and Risk
Mr Trent Gillam Chief of Staff and Executive Director, Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
Ms Natalia Hawkins Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director, Corporate Finance
Dr Greg Cusack Chief Coursework Officer and Chief of Staff, Portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)
Mr Paul Sabo Chief of Staff, Portfolio of the Provost and Senior Vice-President
Ms Kirsten Emes Chief of Staff, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Dr Behrooz Hassani-Mahmooei Chief Analytics Officer, Office of the Senior Vice-President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise and Engagement)

In attendance: Secretary to VCEIO

Other senior staff to attend by invitation as appropriate.

Meeting dates for 2023

Submission date Meeting date
8 Feb 16 Feb
1 Mar 7 Mar
22 Mar 30 Mar
12 Apr 20 Apr
3 May 8 May
24 May 1 Jun
14 Jun 22 Jun
5 Jul 11 Jul
26 Jul 1 Aug
16 Aug 24 Aug
6 Sep 14 Sep
27 Sep 5 Oct
16 Oct 24 Oct
8 Nov 16 Nov
29 Nov 7 Dec

All submissions to VCEIO should be prefaced with the one-page summary sheet (DOCX, 0.05 MB).

Contact information

Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor
Phone: (03) 9902 9851