Mr Ken Sloan - Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise)

Mr Ken Sloan joined Monash University as the inaugural Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise) in 2017.

As Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Enterprise), Mr Sloan is responsible for providing University-wide leadership and strategic support for industry partnerships, commercialisation, industry engagement, innovation and student entrepreneurship, employability and work experience to provide a  focus for the University’s achievement of the Enterprise goal, outlined in the Strategic Plan, Focus Monash.

Professional background

Prior to joining Monash, Mr Sloan was Chief Operating Officer at the University of Warwick. As COO, he was responsible for leading commercial and administrative support for industry engagement at the university; leadership of Warwick’s commercial and commercialisation operations; professional  leadership of many aspects of its internationalisation agenda, and income enhancement and business development activities. He also led on new commercial business creation and chaired the University’s fundraising trusts in Singapore and Africa, and was a member of the trusts in the USA and Hong  Kong. Mr Sloan was also instrumental in the development of the Monash Warwick Alliance, serving on its Board.

Prior to his role at the University of Warwick, Mr Sloan was Business Development Director, Universities and Higher Education, with Serco, a FTSE 100 company. His responsibilities at Serco included review of cross-sector medium-term developments within higher education, and identification of business  development opportunities across the sector.

Mr Sloan is a qualified member of CPA in Australia.


Ms Erin Barry
Executive Assistant
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