Terms of Reference

Monash University is one of the world's most internationally engaged universities, and is committed to ensuring that all its students have a successful and enjoyable university experience.

Monash University believes that ensuring international students have a positive experience during their studies in Australia is not just a university responsibility, but a whole of community responsibility. The new Monash University-Community Council, comprising of staff, students andcommunity representatives, will undertake activities, share information and consult with both international and local students and the community to deliver outcomes to enhance the positive experience for international students. This will help to ensure that these students engage with Australia in a positive way, becoming ambassadors for Melbourne and Australia when they returnto their home countries.

This Council was established as an outcome of the Community-Campus Summit on International Students on 20 April 2010.

Monash University has established the following terms of reference for the Council:

  1. The Council is an important forum to pursue activities identified at the Community-Campus Summit on International Students (20 April 2010), share information and initiate joint activities. This includes:
  • formulate practical ways in which international students could be more engaged with local communities.
  • consult broadly with the community and university.
  • identify key issues and potential solutions raised by the university, the community and students in relation to international students.
  • consider avenues to engage with international students, government, community organisations, industry groups, the diplomatic core and the wider Monash community.
  • Major areas of focus, but not limited to, include:
    • Accommodation, transport, safety and security, social inclusion, employment rights and greater cultural awareness and interaction.
  • The Council will be an advisory body to the Vice-Chancellor of Monash University.
  • The Council has no set reporting requirements, unless deemed necessary by the Vice-Chancellor or Council at the first meeting.
  • The Council will meet for a minimum of twice a year and will continue under the direction of the Vice-Chancellor.