Diversity and inclusion at Monash

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Message from the President and Vice-Chancellor

Social justice and inclusion are core to Monash University’s goals and values. Since our foundation more than 60 years ago, we have worked to foster an environment where everyone is treated equally with dignity and respect.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Framework is vital to this endeavour. Aligning with our University Strategic Plan, Impact 2030, this Framework adopts an approach to diversity and inclusion that recognises the richness and depth of individual contributions and of our entire University community.

Celebrating that diversity and working to strengthen inclusion enriches the Monash experience. By implementing this Framework each of us is helping to create a modern, harmonious global community.

Professor Margaret Gardner AC
President and Vice-Chancellor

Diversity and Inclusion Framework

Monash University proudly acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which Australian campuses stand and recognise their continuing connection to the land and community. We aim to foster an environment which respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, cultures and knowledge, and works towards addressing the legacies of the past.

Diversity and Inclusion at Monash University is underpinned by Impact 2030 and the Monash University Ethics Statement. Guided by the vision articulated in these documents our staff and students will reflect the world we are working towards: diverse, inclusive, innovative and sustainable.

Our multi-year action plans align with the Diversity and Inclusion Framework and serve to strategically implement our objectives, measure our impact and achievements and deliver outcomes consistent with our strategic plan.

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We recognise diversity

  • We are committed to social justice and human rights.
  • We respect and value the diversity of our staff and students – who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, culturally and linguistically diverse, of all genders, who are of diverse gender identities, sexes and sexualities, who have a disability, ongoing medical or mental health condition and who are socially or economically disadvantaged.
  • We foster safe communities that celebrate diversity, uniqueness, respect for difference and value the contributions of our staff, students and other stakeholders.

We work inclusively

  • We celebrate and appreciate our staff and student community by providing opportunities to acknowledge the diverse experiences and contributions made by our whole community through training, workshops, networks and awards.
  • We provide inclusive access across the student life-cycle through scholarships, mentoring, pathways, career support and schemes to encourage participation from prospective and current students and alumni so that social, economic, geographical or cultural barriers are not a disadvantage to accessing a Monash education.
  • We promote an inclusive workplace culture where diversity is valued and viewed as a key to innovation and excellence. We support staff across the entire employee life-cycle to facilitate their development.
  • We seek to provide a culturally safe environment where our Indigenous communities and students and staff of all cultural backgrounds are respected and included.
  • We foster accessible and flexible work and study environments for staff and students.
  • We create and review our curricula and pedagogical practices to ensure they are inclusive, respectful and culturally sensitive.
  • We seek to ensure our employment practices and pathways for progression support staff from non-traditional backgrounds
  • We adjust our staff performance measures to recognise achievement relative to opportunity.

We innovate

  • We measure, assess and strive to improve our efforts to provide a diverse and inclusive environment for our staff and students and communicate these efforts throughout the community.
  • We demonstrate our commitment and excellence through external accreditation and acknowledgment of our Diversity and Inclusion achievements.
  • We embrace new ideas or initiatives that foster diversity, inclusion and respect.

We are sustainable

  • We strive to create a University that can evolve, maintain and reflect on our goals, vision and principles.
  • We capture and embrace the diversity of our whole community while maintaining the integrity of the international relationships we hold.
  • We foster meaningful participation of our diverse student voice within policy and decision-making structures.
  • We encourage staff to become champions for Diversity and Inclusion by providing training, time and allocating resources for them to do so.


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