Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities (DGSS) Advisory Group

The Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities Advisory Group (DGSS) provides a forum for discussion, information-sharing and strategic advice on issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) students and staff at Monash.

Terms of reference

The Committee will:

  • Provide the University with strategic advice and informed direction on LGBTIQ related initiatives, policies and procedures, and issues that may be affecting LGBTIQ staff and students
  • Create a platform for stakeholder engagement and information sharing on LGBTIQ inclusive initiatives, policies, and events across the University
  • Guide the University’s progress in achieving targets set out in the action plan for ‘Staff and students of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities’.
  • Identify the University’s priorities and objectives to advance Monash’s LGBTIQ strategy
  • Promote visibility of LGBTIQ programs and supports, and identify barriers for LGBTIQ members of the Monash community
  • Lead the promotion of LGBTIQ events and initiatives across all Australian Monash campuses
  • Provide opportunity for queer representatives of Monash Student Organisations to offer feedback and advice
  • Report to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee as required

Meeting frequency

The committee will meet four times per year or as required.


The following are ex officio members of the committee:

  • Coordinator, Ally Network
  • Manager, Staff Equity and Diversity
  • MONSU Caulfield Queer Officer
  • MONSU Peninsula Queer Officer
  • Monash Graduate Association (MGA) Queer Officer
  • Monash Student Association (MSA) Queer Officer
  • Queer Leaders Scholarship recipient

Another 12-13 members are elected after submitting an application.

The quorum for the meetings of the committee is one third of the membership taken to the nearest whole number.

The committee may co-opt members as required. Other senior staff to attend by invitation as appropriate.

Executive Support

Provided by Respectful Communities.

Monitoring and Review

The committee’s Terms of Reference will be subject to annual review.


The Diverse Genders, Sexes and Sexualities Advisory Group (DGSS) is a sub-committee reporting to the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is an advisory committee reporting to the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Committee (VCEC).

Committee achievements

  • Creation of the Inclusive education guidelines for teaching staff
  • Proposed and advocated for the creation of all-gender toilets at Monash, including conducting community consultation
  • Advocating for a decrease in the fee for testamur replacement in the case of name change as part of a gender affirmation process
  • Advised on the creation of the Capturing gender data inclusively guide document for university staff and students

Meeting dates for 2020

Meeting 1 Tuesday 23 March
Meeting 2 Thursday 3 June
Meeting 3 Thursday 19 August
Meeting 4 Wednesday 24 November

Contact information

Kirsten McLean
Phone: (+61 3) 9905 2418

Executive Officer
Asher Cameron
Phone: (+61 3) 9902 0248